Our Story

Birth of a Vision

When the news first broke about a viral outbreak within the city of Wuhan, China, the thought that it could travel to the corners of the earth, creating fear and instability was far from anyone’s mind. But within a few weeks, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic. Our world was about to endure the greatest threat to health, safety, and economic wellbeing in modern times.

While traveling in Asia as the pandemic began to intensify, Dr. Gary Morsch recognized the unprecedented strain that would soon be placed on healthcare systems around the world. Garnering decades of experience as a retired Army Colonel, emergency medicine physician, founder of the global humanitarian organization Heart to Heart International and founder one of the largest ER staffing firms in the Midwest, Docs Who Care, Dr. Morsch knew his next calling was “for such a time as this” and he had to respond.

Quickly developing a mission to send healthcare volunteers to hotspot areas and provide support for frontline workers, Dr. Morsch recruited doctors and nurses to travel to New York City during the height of the city’s crisis. Lending their services to local hospitals, and working hard to serve those in their greatest time of need, COVID Care Force was born.


The Vision

To quickly mobilize a group of healthcare professionals to deploy to hotspots and areas of critical healthcare staffing shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The focus of this volunteer force will be to serve wherever the need is greatest, whether in urban areas, or in community hospitals across rural America.

A Proposal

Our healthcare system is being stretched to the breaking point and beyond. The foundation is its professional workforce, in particular, physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. This pandemic is overwhelming the capabilities of hospitals and emergency departments across the nation and globally, particularly in specific geographic hotspots. Now is the time for “All hands on deck!” Where will we find the additional healthcare professionals? Both Heart to Heart International and Docs Who Care are robust and highly respected organizations that have over 50 combined years of recruiting and deploying healthcare professionals to serve people in need. Heart to Heart has built a world-class reputation as one of the premier global disaster response organizations, with experience treating Ebola and Cholera patients. Docs Who Care has built a world-class reputation as one of the nation’s premier rural healthcare staffing companies. Docs Who Care brings a wealth of connections to hospitals and their leadership throughout the Midwest. We believe there are a great number of healthcare professionals standing on the sidelines, who, in the face of catastrophic need, are willing to stand up and declare, “Send me! No matter the personal risk or inconvenience, tell me where the greatest need is, and I’ll go!”

We Need You!

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The Time to act is now


The COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping across the globe more rapidly and more viciously than anyone imagined. The epicenter of this global pandemic is now the United States. Our hospitals are already being overwhelmed in New York and California, and they have put out a call for volunteers to step forward. Soon this scourge will sweep across America, and every hospital in every city and town will be overrun with COVID patients. We must do everything possible to raise up a great force of volunteer healthcare professionals across this land. Though the task is daunting, we must try, no matter how difficult, no matter how risky, no matter how impossible the odds! Perhaps dedicated healthcare professionals have come to this time in history “for such a time as this!”

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