Looking To The Future: COVID Care Force advances as Global Care Force

COVID Care Force moves forward as Global Care Force to be a bridge in providing quality medical care to underserved communities. Our team and mission remains the same; to deploy volunteer medical professionals to areas of critical healthcare staffing shortages.

Before the pandemic, many communities were in dire need of compassionate and qualified health care providers. The pandemic magnified the disparities within healthcare systems, and gave a clear understanding of the depth and breadth of the needs. We believe Global Care Force is one solution to healthcare needs across the globe.

Our volunteers have responded with great energy and optimism, witnessing firsthand healthcare inequity in under-resourced communities. COVID Care Force medical partners told us, “don’t forget about us after COVID.” We won’t forget these communities working hard to make life better for people in great need despite limited resources. Global Care Force will continue to send our remarkable volunteers to areas of great need, as we continue to widen our scope.

We can only do this with your partnership. We hope you will join our team as we move forward as Global Care Force.

We are better together.