FAQ’s COVID Care Force™

What kind of volunteer opportunities are there?

The needs are changing daily as the pandemic grows. The greatest need right now is for doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, and respiratory therapists. In time, though, we believe every type of health professional will be needed.

Does this require travel?

We want to serve wherever the needs are greatest. We have volunteers serving in New Mexico, Arizona, and Tijuana, Mexico. Volunteers will be given a list of needs and places requesting help, and choose what they will do and where they will serve.

How long would I serve?

We are currently asking that each volunteer commits to a two week deployment. The dates for deployment will be available upon application.

What about my housing?

Appropriate housing will be provided.

Will I have to cover my own expenses?

COVID Care Force will cover flights and other transportation fees. Lodging will also be provided. Volunteers should be prepared to cover their own incidentals.

Can I serve as a part of a team?

Some volunteer assignments will make provisions for small teams to serve together at the same hospital. Other volunteer assignments will be available for individuals who are willing to serve in a solo assignment.

Will I be taking care of COVID patients?

Some requests from hospitals will be for volunteers to directly care for COVID patients. Other hospitals have wards or sections for non-COVID patients, and volunteers will be asked to serve there.

Will I be given PPE (personal protective equipment)?

The hospitals we serve will be responsible for distributing PPE. We will not knowingly send a volunteer to a site without the guarantee of adequate PPE.

Do I need to be actively licensed or registered in my profession?

The regulations on licensure waivers are continuing to evolve.  New York has made the process of registering to volunteer in New York City very simple and fast.  The members of our first team were approved within 24 hours of them submitting their credentials.  We expect many other states will follow New York’s lead, allowing healthcare professionals, even retired ones, to quickly and easily be licensed and approved to volunteer.

Will I be provided health insurance and liability/malpractice insurance?

Our legal counsel in various states have given differing opinions about whether the Good Samaritan Act provides immunity to volunteers serving COVID patients.  New York’s governor has stated that all healthcare professionals serving in the current crisis will be granted immunity.  We expect other states to provide similar liability waivers.

We wish we could provide health insurance to all volunteers, but that is not possible at this point.  Some hospitals may be able to put a volunteer on their health insurance policies.  We will continue to look for health insurance options for our volunteers through the open market, as well as through Federal or State established options.

Have a Question? Please email us and one of our care force team members will respond.