COVID Care Force is now Global Care Force

As of January 1, 2022, COVID Care Force is Global Care Force, expanding the reach beyond COVID-19. Global Care Force continues to deploy volunteer health care professionals to areas with critical healthcare staffing shortages, and partner with communities working to address health disparities amplified by the pandemic. Find out more at globalcareforce.org. Our work is not over!


In the short time since the formation of COVID Care Force, our courageous volunteer medical professionals and caring donors quickly stepped up to answer the call; deploying to overwhelmed and under-resourced communities, and generously donating to fund the mission.

What COVID Care Force achieved in a little over a year is remarkable, as shown in our first annual Impact Report. We truly are better together.


To mobilize a large group of volunteer healthcare professionals to deploy to areas of critical healthcare staffing shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



Find an opportunity for you!

Choose to make a difference.


From Our Heart to Yours

Wherever we're needed, COVID Care Force is there.


"My experience with COVID Care Force far exceeded any expectations I had going into the trip. The things I learned and the people I met through CCF will continue to impact both my professional and personal life."

- Emily Stone, RN, volunteered in Gallup, NM

"For anyone thinking about volunteering with Covid Care Force, do it! There is a huge need for volunteers and they are a great organization to work with. Go in with openness and a readiness to serve and in turn you will learn lessons and have experiences that will stay with you for life."

- Elisa Vale, RN, volunteered in Winslow, AZ

"It has been so humbling to serve these men as I would anyone else. All humans are equally valuable and deserve the same quality of care. They deserve dignity and empathy. This experience has truly inspired me to live a life of service.”

- Jessica Boyce, EMT-B, volunteered in Tijuana, Mexico

COVID Care Force is dedicated to serving those in need. We couldn't do it without our wonderful volunteers. Are you ready to answer the call to serve?

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